Why Choose Us

Why would you choose K-9 Detection Services instead of a full service Pest Control Company?


K-9 Detection Services, LLC is excited to announce a one of a kind idea for this area. Although we work with pest control companies we are the only bed bug detection service not owned by a pest control company in the Evansville area. This makes us unbiased, meaning we do not try to sell any further service since detection is our only goal.

Let me explain... Being that Chad owns the company, he has a vested interest in providing the best service to each and every customer striving for perfection in customer service.

Pest control companies that have their own dogs hire employees to do a handler's job. This is not just a temporary job for Chad. Canine handling has become his life; his career. He's passionate about what he does and will provide an unbiased opinion. Dogs don't lie. This is why we feel K-9 Detection Services, LLC has an advantage here in the tri-state area. In addition to his experience and dedication to K-9 Detection Services LLC as handler and owner, there are several other reasons why a company would choose K-9 Detection Services, LLC. They are: To save time and money. Period. Bed Bug canines can detect bed bugs quicker and more accurate than humans. This in turn saves money. A canines olfactory senses are said to be over 1000 times greater than that of a human. Human's have 5 million olfactory receptors in the nose while canines have 220 million. Dogs can track senses through air, water, snow, wind, etc, unlike humans.

Dogs also have the ability to distinguish between different odors. Dogs are unbiased, honest, and hardworking. The dogs nose is the greatest detection tool for this business. Dogs cut the search time down which in turn saves costs for the customer. We also will travel to the businesses that we service in an unmarked vehicle being careful not to draw attention to our services. Other companies bring their company vehicles to the location which can be devastating to a business if their customers see the “Bed Bug” vehicle in their parking lot. Also, with us not being affiliated with one pest control company there is no conflict of interest. We would rather our dog NOT find bed bugs for your business's sake, whereas, a pest control company might be interested in a contract for the elimination of bed bugs. Also, since we have no overhead, salaries to pay, or large business expenses, we can offer a much more affordable solution to bed bug detection than our competitor(s).We will beat any competitor's bid! We don't work off a straight pay contract. We believe that since every company is different, so should their detection service agreement.

We offer a FREE initial consultation. From there we will customize a plan that's right for your company. Video


Sworn Police Officer who already serves the public


Is currently a K-9 officer and handles Rex a 5yr old German Shepherd


Passion to provide further K-9 service to businesses and the public


We will beat any competitors price. Call today for a customized, free estimate.