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Boarding and daycare now available at our new location! 

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“Don't let the Bed Bugs bite, call K-9 Detection Services today!”

Our goal is to provide bed bug detection services by use of a canine in common areas where bed bugs live, breed, and cause infestations. These common areas include but aren't limited to: hotels, schools, universities, airports, apartment complexes, movie theaters, libraries, resorts, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living homes, day cares, jails, medical facilities, restaurants, department stores, fraternity/sorority houses, furniture shops, resale shops, and residential homes.

There's a new dog in town! Due to the recent resurgence in bed bug infestations, K-9 Detection Services has emerged to offer bed bug detection with the best tool known to man-A Canine. Bed Bug canines can detect bed bugs quicker and more accurate than humans. This in turn saves not only time but also money. A canines olfactory senses are said to be over 1000 times greater than that of a human. Human's have 5 million olfactory receptors in the nose while canines have 220 million. Dogs can track senses through air, water, snow, wind, etc, unlike humans. Dogs also have the ability to distinguish between different odors. Dogs are unbiased, honest, and hardworking. The dogs nose is the greatest detection tool for this business. Dogs cut the search time down which in turn saves costs for the customer. Remember a trained canines accuracy is over 90% vs a humans 30% accuracy when trying to detect bed bugs. A proactive approach is key to a positive reputation for your business.

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